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The process

The most important intention of Dread Vibez is to honor your individual dreadlock needs and desires. You and your time are important to me. Just as important as myself and my time. If we respect each others time, let's create dreadlock magic together!

The Process is as follow...

I assume you've already checked out the Price List and all the information on Things to Consider Before Getting Locks?

Cool, let the fun continue!


A 'regular' root maintenance takes 2-3hrs. 


If it's your first-time with me, or if you think you might need more than 3 hrs; perhaps you haven't had maintenance in forever, you need body work, or locks need repair or correction, then 'extra' maintenance is for you.

Start New

How much it cost and how long it takes depends on several factors. 

For an estimate, fill out the Online Consultation form.


A few pictures of your hair, some inspiration pictures, describe your vision to me and I can let you know.

Temporary Install

Not ready for the commitment? Or want to try it out before committing? Maybe you just like to switch it up a little, or a lot?


Bring your own, or come see our wide selection of samples. Let's design a unique look for you!


It is so important to "shop around" for the right artist! It is great if you want to meet and talk before you make a choice.

Fill out the Online Form and I'll get back to you shortly.

In-person or via video call

I do not offer "Free Consultations", because I give you A LOT of info. The $25 non-refundable deposit will count towards your service, if you choose to book with me.

Now what...

Okay, so if you are in need of maintenance, a temporary installation, or a consultation, keep on reading Scheduling.

If you want to get started with your new dreadlocks, go fill out the Online Consultation Form - this is required to schedule an appointment.


There is an Online Booking Calendar. If you are unsure of what to book, please fill out the Consultation form and I will help guide you. All bookings will require you to pay a deposit. This will always count towards your total.

Make sure you are familiar with the policy regarding Reschedule and Cancellation before you book an appointment.

Prepare for your appointment...

I will do my part to give you and your dreadlocks the absolute best experience, this is what you ought to do:

The day before your appointment...

I will text you an appointment reminder. PLEASE respond to this text! Simple OK is ok.

If you don't respond, I may assume you won't show up for your appointment and I won't be prepared for you.

Find the Studio...

Please read the directions thoroughly as the studio is in a part of my home in a residential neighborhood with lots of similar looking houses.

After the appointment...

It is a huge honor for me to be chosen to work on your locks. You matter to me and I want to know what your experience with the service I gave you was. If you want something done differently, please don't be afraid to let me know. Dreadlocks are unique and personal and we both learn through experience and communication. 

I would appreciate tremendously if you wanted to share your positive experience with others, reviews and testimonials matter. To thank you for your time taken to write a testimonial, a little gift awaits your next visit.

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