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My Dreadlock Artist Training

When I decided to learn the art of Dreadlocks in 2019 I knew I didn't want to ruin anyone's hair in the process. I needed to learn a proven technique that was gentle on the hair and also my hands. And so, my journey as a Dreadlock Artist began.


However, restless mind never settles. I wanted and still want to learn more so over the years I've perfected my technique by studying other highly skilled Hair Artists. This is how I can now offer you and your dreadlocks a high-quality custom experience. 


2019 - My formal training began at the Seienstyle Advanced Loctician Training Program where I took the VIP course. This means I had both online training and in-person training with Ann-Marie. She also locked my hair.

2020 - 2023 - I completed the Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course with Dreadshop in and have continued to learn from Renate and her team over the years. Finally got to meet them and work as an Affiliate in their Salon in 2023.

2022 - Studied the technique of Rollie2theSky in her 

Fort Lauderdale Masterclass and learnt her methods up close and personal.

2022 - I studied Kris McDreds techniques and methods for crochet and twists.

2020 - I studied the techniques of Jocelyn Renee also called CurlyNuGrowth or Digital Locticians in her Multi-Cultural Loctician Academy.

2019 - 2020 - The techniques and products of Alin Leslie and Dollylocks 

Dread Vibez-Dollylocks-Me and Alin-2019.JPEG
Screenshot 2023-06-05 183754.png

2019-2023 - I continue to learn from each and every Dreadlock Artist I have the pleasure of meeting along the way. 

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