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Dreadlock Maintenance

Do you have dreadlocks, but they need some care - locking the roots, cleaning up the sections?

Perhaps you need repair of weak-spots or correcting irregularities that formed over time? It's my honor to work on your dreadlocks! 

How does it work?

I exclusively use a non-invasive crochet technique, including but not limited to the Seienstyle method.

This means no chemicals, no damaging rips, twists, pulls, or interlocking, but only a comb, an optional nylon string, a crochet hook, and a whole lot of love. The technique works on all types of hair. 

How long does it take?

Getting a 'Quick or Regular root maintenance' at Dread Vibez means I will NOT work on your whole dreadlock. I will only go down as far down as required to reincorporate your lose hairs. Usually, 1-2 inches down. If you want to get lose hairs along the body of the dreadlock, put back into the lock, we can absolutely do that too but it requires an 'Extra' maintenance appointment time slot. Or we can do so as time permits.


Quick Maintenance 1-2hrs

This session has a 1hr minimum and 2.5hrs maximum.

Choose this time frame:

- If you are a returning client of mine

- If you have partial head or less then 30 locks.


Regular Maintenance 2-3hrs

This session has a 2hr minimum and 3.5hrs maximum,

Choose this time frame:

- If you are a returning client of mine

- If you have no more than 45 locks

- If you need minor body work or repairs


Extra Maintenance 3-4hrs

This session has a 3hr minimum and 4.5hrs maximum,

Choose this time frame:
- If you are a NEW client of mine
- If you have more than 45 locks
- If you need body work, repairs, corrections.

Dreadlock Services are billed by the hour and the deposit will count towards your total. We will discuss your needs and wants at the beginning and throughout our appointment to make sure we both are on the same page.

Repairs & Corrections

If your dreadlocks need a little extra care, maybe you have weak-spots that needs enforcement, or loops or bumps are starting to form and you want them smoothened out a bit, these are certainly things that we can address. Please let me know beforehand if you want this so we can allot adequate time. Or, we might need to schedule another appointment.


How do you take care of your dreadlocks between maintenance?

  1. Wash your dreads every 7-10 days +/-4 days. Use a dreadlock appropriate shampoo to avoid residue build-up.  

  2. Separate at the roots daily, it takes a few second compared to potential hours to separate nested dreadlocks. 

  3. Palm-roll after wash to distribute tension inside the locks to minimize unevenness. Most important for young locks.

How often do you need maintenance?

This is a personal preference! How fast does your hair grow? Your hair type? How often do you wash your dreadlocks? Do you palm-roll? Do you separate them at the roots regularly? Do you have root ties or not?  What style do you like - messy and soft, or neat and clean? 

I recommend maintenance every 3 - 12 months. Finding the right frequency for your locks allows quicker and less expensive appointments. Less often, it'll take longer. Too often, unwanted stress on your scalp and new growth. I can help you find the right interval for you.


The Seienstyle technique utilize a tiny, practically invisible, nylon string at the roots, called a root tie. One of its main functions is to prolong the period in between maintenance, you won't be needing maintenance as often. It will also help your hair shape into a smooth and even cylindrical shape dreadlock closer to the root. However, if you don't appreciate the idea of a root tie, no problem at all, I can skip it or remove it at the end of the maintenance. Whatever your personal preference is. If you want to give it a try, and end up not liking it, I offer free removal of the root ties.

How much does it cost?

See the Price List for more information.

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