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My name is Zarah, in any way you choose to pronounce it. Proud to call Colorado my home. Born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. Needed a change about 9 years ago and my wings took me to Los Angeles for a couple of years before my heart told me to go to Las Vegas. Another couple of years and I found grounding in Denver. Thanks to my amazing Dread Vibez Tribe, I've planted roots here.

As a child I was always creative; I enjoyed expressing myself through my hair and do other people's hair, but my passion for animals and philosophy set me off on a different path.

When I 'found' dreadlocks my life started compiling itself. Being a Dreadlock Artist combines all things beautiful to me. I aspire to make the world a better place by encouraging individuality and self-expression for anyone who recognize the inescapable commitment of free will.

​Let's choose to unite by the honor it is to wear our hair locked up! 

Why You Should Choose Me

For Your Dreadlocks?

I know a little about a lot, but a lot about Dreadlocks!

I also am very good at knowing what I don't know.

There is nothing better than seeking knowledge. Being good at what we do is knowing that we always need to keep learning!


Eh, okay so?

I will never tell You what to do or how to do it. You should choose me if you care about being responsible for your locs and involved in the magic we'll create together. It is my highest intention to provide guidance, encourage experience,

and offer humble communication.

There is no right or wrong, good, bad, black, or white;

there is only a mutual respect for each others time and effort.


I honor You!


The Technique

I exclusively use a non-invasive crochet method. To learn more about my formal training in the Art of Dreadlocks, check out My Training


The most important intention with my technique is non-damaging and fast maturing; installations with integrity and sustainable cultivation. No "one-way/one-product-fits-all", but a holistic approach with Your needs and wants as my main focus.​

My own dreadlocks are started by Seienstyle My Dreadlock Journey here!

My Earthbound Spirit

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