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Before Your Appointment

I respect your time and I need you to do the same with my time. Please let me know of any time changes as soon as possible.

Prepare for your Dreadlock Appointment
  • Make sure to wash and dry your hair completely the day before your appointment. NO CONDITIONER, ever!

  • ​I recommend using a dreadlock shampoo from Dollylocks, you may purchase a sample size during your visit, or order from www. (use code ZARAH10 at checkout for 10% off)

Studio Policies
  • Clients under 18 must have parental consent form on file to receive services

  • Service animals are welcome

  • I have two small dogs and one large dog in my studio (please let me know if you don’t want to interact with them)

  • No pets, friends, girl-/boyfriends, spouses, or kids in the studio without prior consent.

  • The appointment is your time, I would not have anyone around to wait for you as it has proven to rush the appointment or shorten the time we actually need to give you and your dreadlocks the best time.

  • Smoking only allowed in designated areas

  • No video recording, photography if given an okay by me

Things to think about
  • Bring something to drink/eat 

  • Phone charger

  • Something to occupy yourself with

  • Pain reliever if you’re tender headed

  • I will give you a lot of information during your appointment - continued support is included with any service!

Dread Vibez is not responsible for any damage caused to dreadlocks by improper care or maintenance methods. Dreadlock services are billed by the hour. Length of appointment varies depending on factors not always determinable beforehand. You are responsible for all billed hours, to be paid in full at the conclusion of each appointment (Cash, Zelle, Venmo or Card). Gratuity is highly appreciated but without judgement.


You will need to electronically sign a Consent Agreement at the beginning of your appointment.


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