Temporary Synthetic

Dreadlock Care

Things to think about

  • It is normal to experience some discomfort for the first few days, or even a couple of weeks. This is your scalp getting used to the weight of the synthetic dreadlocks causes. 

    • Itchiness can be patient testing, Dollylocks Lavender Refreshing Spray can be used to alleviate the itching. Try putting it in the refrigerator before use for a cooling effect.

    • Tension can cause something called "Tension bumps"​ this is small redish pimple looking bumps that also itch. Mild case of this is normal and it will go away by itself in a few days. Severe case means your dreadlocks might be installed too tight or that your scalp is not appreciating this new hairstyle. 

  • "Allergic Reactions" are caused by the chemicals used when creating and processing the synthetic hair used when making dreadlocks. IF you have purchased Locks of Love, or a custom set by me, the hair is guaranteed to not be coated with any chemicals. If you bought your dreadlocks from somewhere else, Dread Vibez does not control the quality of the dreadlocks.​


Stay Away From

Think twice before trying out different home or self-care methods for dreadlock maintenance as some are very damaging and can ruin your dreadlocks over time. 

  • WAX OR GELS – Never use sticky products, unless its Dollylocks tightening gel.

  • CONDITIONER – Never use conditioner, unless Dollylocks conditioning oil.

  • BAKING SODA & APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Causes unhealthy ph-balance reset. Use Dollylocks Detox kit.

  • “REGULAR” SHAMPOO - Will cause residue buildup and prevent locking.

  • BED WITH WET DREADS - Can cause mold/mildew inside the dread.

  • ROOT FLIPPING / INTERLOCKING - Will cause weak dreads/breakage.

  • TOO MUCH WATER - Dreads need to be kept dry. Ensure complete dryness after allowing them to become wet.


Washing Your Dreads

  • Your wet dreadlocks will be very heavy as they function like sponges and hold water.

  • See below for a washing video

Three different products are recommended

Dollylocks Spray Wash

Dollylocks Shampoo Bar 

Dollylocks Liquid Shampoo


Please Consider

  • Synthetic dreadlocks are not meant to be colored or altered in any way.

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