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Price List

Dreadlock Service - maintenance                          $70/hr

Root maintenance, body work, repairs, and/or corrections. 

Dreadlock Service - starting new                            $70/hr 

Peekaboo Dreadlocks 5-10 dreads in your neck             $140+

Partial Head                                                                           $280+

Full Head                                                                                $560+

Dreadlock Service - incl. extension hair                 $100/hr

Partial Head                                                                            $300+

Full Head (medium size, mid back, open ends)                $1000+

Dreadlock Service - re-attaching / combining      $100/hr

Re-installing/Re-starting old dreadlocks

Combining small locks in to thicker, wicks

Temporary Dreadlock Installation                         $220 or $70/hr      

Pre-made, Custom-made, or bring your own, see Synthetic Dreadlocks 

Time: between 2 - 5 hr installation. 

Dreadlock Service - custom made dreadlock sets               

Synthetic Hair (SE/DE)                                                      $70/hour

Human Hair (SE/DE)                                                         $100/hour

Dreadlock Service - removal                                   $70/hr

Brushing out dreadlocks. No wash, cut or trim. 


To receive an estimate, please fill out the Online Consultation Form

Time - Patience is a virtue

I do not answer phone calls when I am working on someone's hair, or on my days off. If you are a prospective client, the best way is to fill out the Consultation form or book a Consultation. It is my intention to get you on the calendar quickly, but there may be 4-6 weeks of waiting time. 

Please plan accordingly.

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