Price List

Dreadlock Maintenance & Repair                          $68/hr

A regular root maintenance takes between 2 - 4 hrs. Body work, repairs, corrections, or extenders requires additional time. You can book a time frame based on previous experience or budget, we'll do as much as possible within that timeframe. If no time frame is specified, a 4hr time slot will be dedicated and should you require more time, a new appointment might be necessary.

Dreadlock Creation                                                  $68/hr 

Peekaboo Dreadlocks 5-10 dreads in your neck             $150+

Half Head Natural Dreadlocks                                            $300+

Full Head Natural Dreadlocks                                             $600+

Dreadlocks Creation (with extensions)                 $98/hr

The hourly rate includes service + human extension hair.

Half Head New Dreadlocks with Extensions                     $400+

Full Head New Dreadlocks with Extensions                      $800+

Custom-made Human Hair Dreadlock SE                         $25/each

Custom-made Human Hair Dreadlock DE                        $40/each

Temporary Dreadlock Installation                         $220 or $68/hr      

Pre-made, Custom-made, or bring your own, see Synthetic Dreadlocks 

Time: between 2 - 5 hr installation. 

Custom-made Synthetic Hair Dreadlock SE                    $12/each

Custom-made Synthetic Hair Dreadlock DE                   $20/each


Starting 2022 to receive a quote, please fill out the Online Consultation Form - Coming Soon-

Time - Patience is a virtue

I do not answer phone calls when I am working on someone's hair, or on my days off. Please send a text or email - with a Hello, your name, and what you need - I'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

It is my intention to get you on the calendar quickly, but there may be 4-6 weeks of waiting time. 

Please plan accordingly.


Starting 2022, an online booking system will allow you to schedule at your convenience. Deposit will continue to be required.