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Platte Street, Denver CO 80202

Email: dreadvibezllc@gmail.com
Phone: (720) 965 9603


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Price List

These prices are approximations. Please book a consultation to get a more exact estimate.

Dreadlock maintenance

$60 per hour, it takes between 2 - 4 hr for a regular maintenance. Repairs, corrections, or extenders requires time per your personal need and preference.

Dreadlocks on your own hair

From  $300 - $600 depending on how long your hair is and if you want loose or blunt ends. Making blunt ends takes a lot longer. Time: between 4 - 11 hr. Contact me for more exact pricing.

Dreadlocks with extension

From $400 - $800 depending on how long your current hair is and how thick and long dreads you want, and if you want loose or blunt ends. Time: between 4 - 20 hr. Contact me for more exact pricing.

Dreadlock Extenders

From $300 - $500 depending on how many dreads you have, how thick they are, and how much longer you want them.  

Time: between 4 - 10 hr. Contact me for more exact pricing.

Temporary dreadlocks

From $200 - $600. I can make you a custom set of dreadlocks, or install a pre-made set that you purchase on your own. It will take between 4 - 11 hr. Contact me for more exact pricing.

Partial Dreadlocks

$60 per hour + cost of hair. Contact me for more exact pricing.

Hair Extensions 

$60 per hour + cost of hair. Contact me for more exact pricing.

Booking an appointment

Fill out the Appointment Request form, email dreadvibezllc@gmail.com or call (720) 965 - 9603

For all appointments to be confirmed, a deposit has to be paid. See Studio Policies

NOTE! If you want a more specific price, please book a consultation. The $25 consultation deposit will count towards your ordinary service appointment (valid for 1 year). Possible wait time, between 2-6 weeks.