Studio Location

The Dread Vibez Studio is per appointment ONLY!!


Fill out the Appointment Request or email at to book an appointment.


To find the Studio:

- See the Google Map location HERE 

- Adress is 1620 Platte Street

It's just off of I-25; where 16th Street Mall intersect Platte Street

Note! If you look it up on google maps, the street views looks completely different, the buildings are gray and white now.


There is a parking garage on the adress, you'll take a ticket to get in to the garage (make sure it is 1620 Platte Street, not the 1550 garage), called COMMONS PARK WEST. It is $15 for the whole day, and you may park anywhere in the garage, I am by the elevator on Level 2. Street parking is also available. 


The building has restricted access so you'll have to call or text me on 720-965-9603 when you are here.

I'll come meet you. 

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Platte Street, Denver CO 80202

Phone: (720) 965 9603


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