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Make-over / extending / Combining / Reattaching

Already have dreadlocks you love, but would like them to be a little or a lot, longer? Perhaps in a different color? Maybe you have small size locs but wish they were thicker? Maybe you don't love them anymore and want to learn about what options you have for a partial, or total, make over? Did you cut them off back then, and now it's time to put them back? Let me assist you on your journey!  

How does it work?

We meet for a consultation in person or fill out the consultation online. You tell me what you like, don't like, want, wish you could have, what you absolutely don't want etc. Together we device a plan for attaining anew re-vamped dreadlock journey.


I use the non-invasive technique, which means no chemicals, no hair damaging rips, twists, or pulls, but only a comb, a crochet hook, and a whole lot of magic. This technique works on all types of hair. 

Extending or replacing

When adding length or volume to your existing dreadlocks it is recommended to use human extension hair, synthetic hair tend to separate from your natural hair over time and is stiffer and therefore less comfortable. Human hair also gives a more seamless transition from your natural dreadlock.

In dry climates, human extension hair sometimes needs to be replaced or reinforced. The lighter the hair, the more fragile it is. Keeping hair, especially extension hair, hydrated and moisturized is oh so important! If it gets too dry and frazzled, or maybe it's thinning out making your ends thin and pathetic, it may be a good idea to replace or reinforce. 


Changing the size of your locks by combining 2 or more locks is an invasive procedure. It will cause damage to the integrity of your hair strands in order to weave the locks seamlessly together. This means you won't be able to brush them out with intact length. Your sections will also be reconfigured. Choosing the right locks to combine is important for a sustainable transition without scalp tension. A consultation is required to determine what steps needs to be taken to prepare your hair.  


Thank you for never throwing your locks away! The amount of time and money we invest in our hair should not be wasted. Nor is there any judgement in cutting them of and then wanting them back. Your hair needs to be inches and we can reattach them in your hair. Create a sectioning pattern that attune to your old locks, or future vision. Let's discuss and welcome you back to being a dreadhead. 

Dreadlock Take Out

Dreadlock removal by brushing out only. I do not offer washing or cutting hair services, so you have to come with clean and dry locks. And you may need to visit a Hair Stylist after we've brushed your locks out since I cannot guarantee how your hair will look like brushed out.

How long does it take?

It depends on what you got and what you have. Our consultation will result in an estimate.


How much does it cost?

See the Price List for more information.

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