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Synthetic dreadlocks

Synthetic Dreadlocks is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of dreadlocks without the long-term commitment of permanent dreadlocks. They are braided into your lose hair or attached at the root of your own dreadlocks. You can wear them for weeks, months, or just a couple of hours. It's up to You.

I offer you the best and most well-tried methods for installing synthetic dreadlocks on the market. They will not damage your hair, you will be able to wear them for 6-12 weeks, and if you follow the recommended care guides, they will last for re-use for years and years to come. 

Option 1

I resell Dreadshop Renates Locks of Love, they come in a wide array colors and I have locks at the studio if you want to touch and feel them in person before deciding. Book a consultation. With this option, you'll buy them from me at normal retail price, and I'll install them on your head for an installation fee.

Option 2

If you have a specific design concept in mind but can't find your dream dreadlocks anywhere, I can create a set of custom designed synthetic dreadlocks for you, below is some of my work. Price varies depending on design, contact me for a quote.

Option 3

You buy them wherever, and come to me for installation.
See Temporary Dreadlock Installation for more information.

What is SE or DE dreadlocks?

Click here to learn the difference between Single Ended (SE) and Double Ended (DE) Dreadlocks

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