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Temporary Dreadlocks

Are you not sure if dreadlocks is for you, but you are curious to try? Or, do you love changing up your look, shocking the world, or yourself? 

Temporary dreadlocks might just be the right thing for you!


Options available to you:

- You tell me how your dream dreadlocks looks like and let me create a custom set, and then install them on your head.

- You order chose among Dreadshop Renates Locks of Love and buy them through me, and I'll install them on you.

- You bring your dreadlocks from elsewhere and I'll install then on your head.

Synthetic dreadlocks is fantastic for temporary installs and adding volume and color to your existing dreadlocks.

Human or Synthetic Hair?

Temporary dreadlocks made out of human hair or synthetic hair depends on personal preference and budget. Synthetic hair is a lot cheaper and comes in any color you can imagine. Human hair is more expensive, but gives a softer more natural look, they are also a good option if your scalp is sensitive to synthetic hair. 

How does it work?

I ensure proper sectioning and an attachment that fits your head and personality. You can wear temporary dreadlocks in your hair for around 6-8 weeks, give or take 2 weeks. The length of a wearing period depends on how fast your hair grows and how you care for them. If you wear them to long your own hair growing out will start dreading at the root. Recommended a 2 week rest period between each wearing period. 

How long does an install take?

Between 2 - 5 hours, depending on how thick and long hair you have, and how many dreadlocks we install. 


How much does it cost?

See the Price List for more information.