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My Dreadlock Journey

I live the journey I encourage you to take, so this is where you can follow the progress of my dreadlocks, made by Seienstyle herself.

Before Dreadlocks

This is how my hair looked before dreadlocked

To prepare my hair for dreadlocks:

I started washing it 1-2 times a week using using only Dollylocks Tea Tree Shampoo Bar for about 4 weeks before my appointment.

If you have hard water where you live, you may want to do a Dollylocks Detox on your hair before using the shampoo to help kickstart the use of new natural residue free products. 

New Dreadlocks

This is how my hair looked when it was just finished by Seienstyle, Ann-Marie

The magic that went into doing this is nothing but remarkable. I always wanted gray/white hair and she made them just that. With a beautiful transition from my natural brown. 

14 days Old 

The frizziness is normal! It takes time for the hair to learn it is supposed to grow into a dreadlock. Lose hairs and frizz are normal, for how long varies depending on your hair and how you treat it.

To minimize frizz: 

  • Sleep with a durag, or any other hair wrap

  • Use Dollylocks Tightening Spray regularly

  • Palm-roll!!

  • After every wash, palm-roll with Dollylocks Tightening Gel

21 days Old 

So much fun testing out new up-dos and seeing how they mature!


I have had some minor itches in my scalp, especially around my neckline and temporal hairline.

To treat and prevent itchy scalp: 

  • Spray scalp with Dollylocks Refreshing Spray (I LOVE it!)

  • Rub some Dollylocks Conditioning Oil on the itchy areas

3 months Old

Before / After

First Maintenance

I was definitely overdue for a maintenance. No, I do not maintain my own dreadlocks. I wanted another Seienstyle loctician do it so @dreadsbykris got to work her magic!


This is the un-filtered before and after picture! O'boy does it feel great!


Just the right tightness and cleaned up feeling we get at first install. The itch has come back [THANK goodness for Dollylocks Refreshing Lavender Spray] expect it to lessen after wash.

3 months Old

I absolutely love how they are maturing!


The initial look that Seienstyle dreadlocks have, the wrapped look, has settled and they are starting to take their mature shape. A few of them has started getting a wavy shape close to the head. I like it! (I'm not the best at palm-rolling).

How I care for my locs:

  • Washing them every 7-10 day with Dollylocks Shampoo bar. 

  • When damp, apply tiny amount of Dollylocks Tightening Gel all over, then palm-roll each loc

  • Using Dollylocks Refreshing Spray on scalp if itching or when I want the amazing smell of lavender

  • Using Dollylocks Tightening Spray 1-2 times a week, just evenly spraying the body of the locs

  • Using a head-wrap when sleeping but letting the locs stay lose and 'free'

  • Only style with Spiralocks and round thick hair rubber bands to prevent damage.