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Things to consider before
getting Dreadlocked


Dreadlocks is a "I Don't Care Hair Style"? Yes and No, but mostly NO!

Can You?

  • Stand "Messy Hair"

  • Be creative with "a lot of unruly hairs"

  • Throw out almost everything you know about old hair and re-learn new hair

  • Be patient with yourself to allow this transition phase

  • Be prepared to look unique, fabulous and perfectly imperfect (per societal norms)

Great! Let's Learn some more...


You're going to have to put in work.

1. Washing your hair is so important!

Every 7-10 days, +/- 4 days. With a non-residue shampoo. Happy scalp = Happy Locks

2. Keeping them separated is essential!

Run your fingers through them every day to prevent nesting. Lose hairs is better than nested locks. Better as in less costly and less painful, but we can absolutely do it in the studio too if you've been slacking. 

3. Palm-rolling is beneficial!

One of those things where you don't notice the result right away, but it will help your locks grow and mature more cylindrical and smoother. Most important in the beginning, first 2-12month.

Dreadlock Maturing Process 

What does it mean, and can we skip it?


When dreadlocks are made, the hairs are put into knots, organized and structured in different ways depending on who's hands create for you and what technique is chosen. At Dread Vibez, I exclusively use a non-invasive Crochet Technique, included but not limited to Seienstyle.

What to expect

  • New installations take a long time in the chair.

  • Dreadlocks will look flawless (if I can say so myself) right of the bat.

  • They will be a little stiff and sections tight in the beginning.

  • Don't be afraid to touch them, they won't fall off or out.

  • Your sections will be fairly visible, enjoy it, because it will not stay like that for long.

  • Your scalp may say "What the heck did you do???!!" since it is not used to being constrained into these weird formations. 

  • Lavender Spray and gentle fingertip massage will be your best friend. Hang in there, it will get better!

  • You will wash them with a dreadlock shampoo after 7-10 days and palm-roll when damp.

  • Hello Fuzzy Baby Dreadlocks!

  • This is when you'll think "What the heck did I do!!!???". 

  • Take a breath and remember; conquering the things we dread is what makes a pretty powerful confidence boost.

  • Play with different styles, headbands, use that lavender spray as a 'hair spray' to direct hairs. (Obviously NO real hairspray)

  • Do not cut off the flyaway hair no matter how tempting.

  • Patience is a Virtue!

  • All the knots will tighten up, settle in, get more supple, and feel more lived-in if you do the three self-maintenance things.

  • No, we can't skip the maturing process, but the Seienstyle process speeds it up for you!

  • Mature locks are guaranteed in 2-12 months*.

  • The whole idea of dreadlocks is less hair care, right?

  • But, doing your first maintenance at 1.5-2 months in will de-poof and ensure your locks are on the right track.

  • If done within 2 months, you'll get 20% OFF

  • During the first maintenance, we'll talk about what's going on and if we need to correct, change, or stay on the same care regime. Let's discuss how you and your locks are progressing together.

  • After that I recommend root maintenance 1-4 times a year, every 3-12 months. Your choice!

  • Why? New growth and lose hairs at your roots will need to be put back into the lock they belong. Not always, but sometimes. If not at all, your lock roots can thin out and over time, potentially break off. We.Don't.Want.That! 

Custom Support

How your hair responds to the locking process is as unique as yourself. There is no One-Way-Fits-All. The technique used at Dread Vibez is extremely versatile and works on all hair types. But a key component in a successful dreadlock journey is commitment and communication. I offer ongoing support and troubleshooting, because I want you to love your locks. And I know how difficult it can be when you're standing there in front of the mirror at home. Text and Emails will be answered too (during business hours, unless...) because there are no unworthy questions or concerns. We learn by asking questions and sharing our experience in mutual respect. I am here for you and your Dreadlocks!

* Circumstantial variations will determine the outcome. I am here for you, but you have to commit to the journey.

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