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Maintenance Extra (3-4hrs)

Rate $85/hour - Deposit $100

  • Dread Vibez Studio - 4760 S Wadsworth Blvd C-206

Service Time

This session has a 3hr minimum and 4.5hrs maximum, will cost $210-$315 Choose this time frame: - If you are a NEW client of mine - If you have more than 45 locks - If you need body work, repairs, corrections. Dreadlock Services are billed by the hour and the deposit will count towards your total. The given time range is an approximation, and you will pay for the actual service time, within this time range.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 48-hour notice to Reschedule or deposit will forfeit. Cancel appointment and deposit forfeits. All rescheduling or cancellations MUST be communicated through texting 720-702-1420 or emailing PLEASE ensure you receive a confirmation, or deposit will forfeit.

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