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LOCK UP FAST dreadlock shampoo is formulated to accelerate the dreading process and tighten locks.  Organic aloe vera and herbal extracts of olive leaf, gotu kola and white willow bark are blended with a boost of bicarb soda to deeply cleanse, effectively removing oil and residue build up to restore the natural texture of your hair.  This residue free dreadlock shampoo contains no hidden conditioning agents, allowing hair to lock up fast. Naturally scented with mandarin essential oil.


Use weekly or as needed to accelerate the locking process.  Once your dreads are well established we recommend switching to our Naturally Knot shampoo and using Lock Up Fast as required for an occasional boost.


NATURALLY KNOT dreadlock shampoo is formulated to assist the maintenance of dreadlocks and is pH-balanced. 


Crafted from organic aloe vera to tighten dreadlocks, herbal extracts of olive leaf and gotu kola care for both your hair and scalp and white willow bark is a natural exfoliant which can help reduce flaking.  No hidden conditioning agents are used in this shampoo leaving you with pure clean hair allowing it to knot more easily. Naturally scented with mandarin essential oil.


COLOUR CARE dreadlock shampoo is formulated to protect hair colour and minimise breakage.


Crafted from organic aloe vera to tighten dreadlocks with herbal extracts of kakadu plum and quinoa protein to boost hydration and assist hair colour retention.  Kakadu plum is an extremely rich source of vitamin C.  Hydrolyzed quinoa helps increase hair dye uptake and preserves colour over time as well as reducing further damage to hair. Naturally scented with sweet orange essential oil which moisturises the hair shaft, promotes shine and smells divine!


All Scents:
Natural and organic ingredients
No SLS, no parabens

Residue free

Cruelty free


Shampoo Dreadlocks Naturally

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