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Synthetic Dreadlocks

Synthetic Dreadlocks is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of dreadlocks without the long-term commitment of permanent dreadlocks. They are braided into your lose hair or attached at the root of your real dreadlock. They can sit in for weeks, months, or just a couple of hours. It's up to You. They come with some light decoration, leaving room for you to add your personal touch.

Order your custom set with your favorit colors or buy any of the pre-made accent sets available in the online store; then decide if you want to install them yourself or come by the Dread Vibez studio for a quick install. 


I have just recently had my entire head done, full dreadlocks with Zarah here at Dread Vibez and the experience that I have was one that no amount of money could ever make payment for. The atmosphere was amazing and relaxing. The dreadwork is so beautiful and her technique is just wonderful; very tight, nice locks. This is three days later and I still have an amazing shape with my locks, and my sectioning is just fire. I recommend anyone that is in or near the Denver area to reach out and make your appointment with Zarah! 

- Kate C -

2 Dreadlocks


2 Dreadlocks w/Installation