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After Your Appointment

Things to think about

  • If you never had root ties before, it is completely normal to feel a bit of scalp tension for the first 1-2 days.

  • The root tie is there to elongate the time between maintenance, its function is equivalent to constant palm-rolling at the scalp, promoting locking. It will grow out together with your hair and be practically invisible.

  • Should you be bothered by the root tie, you can gently cut it out. 


Stay Away From

Think twice before trying out different home or self-care methods for dreadlock maintenance as some are very damaging and can ruin your dreadlocks over time. 

  • WAX OR GELS – Never use sticky products, unless its Dollylocks tightening gel.

  • CONDITIONER – Never use conditioner, unless Dollylocks conditioning oil.

  • BAKING SODA & APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Causes unhealthy ph-balance reset. Use Dollylocks Detox kit.

  • “REGULAR” SHAMPOO - Will cause residue buildup and prevent locking.

  • BED WITH WET DREADS - Can cause mold/mildew inside the dread.

  • ROOT FLIPPING / INTERLOCKING - Will cause weak dreads/breakage.

  • TOO MUCH WATER - Dreads need to be kept dry. Ensure complete dryness after allowing them to become wet.


Washing Your Dreads

  • Your wet dreadlocks will be very heavy as they function like sponges and hold water.

  • Rub the Dollylocks shampoo bar along the scalp or lather a quarter size amount of Dollylocks liquid dreadlock shampoo and massage it into your scalp/roots. A little products goes a long way.

  • You may want to apply some product to the dreadlocks to but they will wash clean as you rinse.

  • Rinsing is very important. Start from the scalp and work your way out/downwards. Squeeze the locks repeatedly to make sure no residue is left behind. BE SURE to flip your head and fully rise the underside.  

  • Repeatedly squeeze out as much water as you can.

  • Go through all your locks and separate the roots from each other. Any connecting hairs must be separated, or your roots may possibly grow together. 

  • Towel dry your dreadlocks; microfiber works best, natural sunlight is great, and a hair dryer speed up the drying process. 

  • Dreadlocks should never be left wet for longer than a few hours and you should never go to bed with them wet - this can result in mold and mildew inside the dread. 

  • If you find residue in your dreadlocks or would like to be proactive it’s recommended to do a deep clean/detox rinse every 3-12 months. Dollylocks Dreadlock Detox is recommended.


Please Consider

  • The ocean is great for speeding up the locking process, but too much saltwater will shrink your dreadlocks.

  • Coloring your dreadlocks is not recommended, but with professional help you can change the color of your dreadlocks. Do not try it yourself; there are many products that leave residue afterwards. Bleaching dreadlocks can result in dreadlocks weakening/breaking off. Make sure your stylist is experienced coloring dreadlocks before proceeding. If interested, I can give you some stylist recommendations.

  • Dreadlocks are considered permanent, but You can successfully BRUSH OUT dreadlocks. It’s a lengthy process but it is possible. We offer this service in the event you ever decide to end your journey.